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Top Things to Consider for Your Brewery Taproom POS

May 12, 2017 04:27:00 PM By Felicia Jordan

beer pouring from a tap at a bar

Opening a new business requires making a ton of decisions but many of the decisions are directly connected to the industry and your business plan. Other decisions involve topics that you are not very familiar. One topic that you may be struggling with is selecting which point of sale (POS) system is right for you.

Your business model will dictate your POS system requirements. The manner that you plan to bring your beer and other products to your customers will determine what functionality you need from the software and hardware.

Food and Drink

If you plan on offering food in addition to your beer, the software should include features to make this easy. Consider a restaurant-based software program to ensure it can handle the food, servers, and kitchen needs that you will have.

Barcoded Products

Will your beer only be available onsite in the taproom or do you have packaging planned? Will you offer merchandise that is barcoded? Both of these activities will be aided if your POS system has the ability to manage inventory through barcoding.

Spill-Proof Point of Sale System

Serving beer can be a messy job, and the POS system needs to be able to handle it. Not all POS systems are created equally in this area. From the terminal to the printer, take time to understand how it was designed to withstand spills and messes. You will want the system to work day after day without fail. Learn about IP ratings (spiff and dust resistance) and how a better built system will provide years of interruption free use.

Mobile Point of Sale and Ordering

How large is your taproom? Do you plan to make the customer come to the bar to order or is tableside service a better solution? Many POS platforms have integrated the option for a mobile component. The ability to take orders and process payments anywhere in the building is a huge advantage to meeting the customer’s needs. Also consider special releases; you may have very specific reasons to relocate your POS system during special events.

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Most breweries have a continual flow of new beers being tapped. This is one of the many reasons that customers enjoy visiting breweries. Digital signage is a great way to ensure that every customer knows what is on tap. Some systems are so sophisticated that it is able to show how much remains of a specific keg. These systems update easily and eliminate the need for printed beer lists.

Now is a great time to be opening a new brewery; there is a lot of demand. Having the right POS system will make opening and running your taproom a smooth process. Take the time to review your needs and envision how POS can help meet the needs of your business and create the atmosphere you desire.

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