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The Advantages of Digital Signage vs. Static Signage

Jun 23, 2017 12:50:00 PM By Felicia Jordan

digital signs in a big city

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. These innovations are moving strongly towards the digital world, in just about every vertical. While signage and billboards have been around for many years, they’ve have begun to regain popularity in the past few years, thanks to digital displays. With the cost of displays and TVs coming down, small and large companies alike are shifting to digital signage to replace traditional, static signage methods. 

When compared to static and traditional print advertising and billboards, digital signs have a number of benefits. Digital signage has the ability to attract more attention effectively compared to traditional signage methods, because they draw more attention to themselves, and provide an opportunity for interaction. To enjoy these benefits, always consider what your business needs may be, and what your end business goal is in order to develop proper content to present the best message to your customers.

Digital signage should be considered a long-term investment that helps to increase business sales, and the customer experience in many different ways.

High Impact

Moving full color graphics and videos give digital signage an ultimate power to grab customers’ attention. It builds your company’s brand visibility, creates more awareness and can help influence customers' decisions.


Static signs will wear out, but with digital signage you can always create new content. Messages can be changed easily according to the time of the day or time of year. Outdoor digital signage offers real-time advertising and information. You can make use of your space effectively and show a variety of messages on one screen.

Reduce Cost

Outdoor digital signage may be more expensive upfront than a static sign, but in the long run it can save your business a lot more. Changing the message on the screen does not involve any additional cost associated to labor in comparison to the effort it can take to change traditional static signs. There are no print costs, no waste produced from thrown out signage, and no employees on ladders to change out static signage. This saves you from shipping, printing, processing and labor costs, etc.


Improvements over the years have made digital signage resistant to water and heat since it's made from rust-free materials. They can even consumes less energy than some traditional static signage boards.

Dynamic and Better Targeting

Static signs will tend to blend into the background after viewers see it a couple of times. Digital signs, however, provide opportunity to post unique and changing content, to keep your customers looking. You can easily tailor messages for your target audience to ensure that you’re effectively promoting your services and addressing customers' wants.

Unparalleled Responsiveness

Digital signage can be updated in real-time, and even remotely to multiple locations. It allows you to act quickly to changes or events that may be happening. You can test which messages provide more results, and fine-tune this for optimal ROI.

Easy to Maintain

Digital signage purchased from a reputable distributor, value-added reseller or integrator comes with world class support with long factory warranties and variety of support contracts to provide long term peace of mind. You'll get technical support and assistance whenever you need it via phone or even on-site support.

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